Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Fusion Beads 30 Day Bead Challenge: Day 8...

The challenge for Day 8 in the Fusion Beads 30 Day Bead Challenge was to "make up some flexible and fun stretch bracelets!"  I knew that I wanted to do something a little different than just string some beads on stretchy cord.  So, instead, I  used some cylindrical, peach-colored marble beads and did an almost "ladder stitch" through them.  This allowed the beads to lay side-by-side, instead of end to end.

Since I knew that the cord would be showing, I decided to use a colored cord.  I used a magenta color and think it is a nice accent against the beads.  It was kind of tricky, going through the holes more than once, but it ended up working out.
You still have plenty of time to jump into this challenge!  It's a fun way to STRETCH your creativity!  CLICK HERE for the full calendar.

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