Monday, October 14, 2013

Fort Daze...

This past weekend was Fort Ligonier Days.  Locals fondly call it "Fort Days".  It brings in thousands of visitors to see hundreds of crafters, artisans, and vendors.  Streets are shut down and there's a HUGE parade.  It's a big deal here!  There's so much activity going on, that it's all a blur.  If you ask me, it's more like, "Fort Daze".

This was our third year as a merchant.  We had Maria Richmond and Connie Parsons set up in the courtyard selling their jewelry.  Jen Palmer was on hand in the shop to answer questions about her encaustic pieces.  Each year we learn a little more about how to place the furniture to direct the flow of traffic, how many people are needed to man the shop, and who makes the best fair food!  This is a picture of the Chicken Balls with cheese and mushrooms from Miss Meatballs.  They were delicious!

Of course, we could not pass up funnel cakes for breakfast or stuffing our faces with pierogies!
On Saturday, they had the parade.  Even though it's crowded and you have to be careful not to get your toes stepped on or get elbowed in the ribs, it's a wonderful slice of Americana.  Just imagine a steady stream of bands marching, local celebrities and dilettantes waving, tractors rumbling by, and people singing in costume and throwing batons and swishing flags in the air.  It's quite festive!  I like the pageantry.
In the evenings on Friday and Saturday, there were free concerts.  This year there were tribute bands to Journey and the Beatles.  People park their lawn chairs in the streets and others dance.  It's lively and entertaining.  I really enjoy seeing the town infused with so much energy and activity!

This was our best Fort Days yet!  Even though it's exhausting, there's something special about being a part of the community.  There's something special about being a part of a tradition.

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