Sunday, October 06, 2013

Fusion Beads 30 Day Bead Challenge: Day 6...

The prompt for Day 6 of the Fusion Beads 30 Day Bead Challenge was to "grab your hooks, string some beads, and try your hand at bead crochet!"  This was perhaps my least favorite of all the challenges so far.  I was so frustrated while working on this that I ended up cracking my fancy wooden hook by gripping it too hard.

I opted to do only a simple bead crochet chain.  I was going to try and tackle a more complicated crocheted rope, but I just couldn't make it work and it turned into a tangle mess... several times.  At this point in the diagram I was learning from, it just looked like a bunch of squiggly lines.  I just need someone to sit down with me and patiently show me.

This wasn't my first (disastrous) experience with crochet.  My mom tried to teach me once.  Don't let the smile fool you!  She kept screaming, "Control!  Control!  Control!"  (Later when I learned some basic knitting, I discovered that, "control" translates to, "adjust your tension, sweetheart.")  She also kept swatting my hand with a knitting needle.  My mom doesn't knit, but she keeps a knitting needle around.  This picture was taken by one of my best friends, Jenni.  It serves as photographic evidence and a reminder: never ask my mom to show you how to crochet.

Don't let this month pass you by without trying out at least one of the challenges.  As this one demonstrated, there are some that you won't enjoy very much and there are others that are very satisfying and creatively rewarding.  CLICK HERE for the entire calendar.

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