Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Waiting Rooms...

I've recently been spending a lot of time in waiting rooms. These rooms, with the configuration of chairs and stacks of magazines are aptly named. You wait. Sometimes you wait minutes and other times you wait hours. One would think that this would be an ideal place to enjoy a few moments to read, but I have a hard time focusing. I'm always waiting for them to call my name or make announcements.

I'd like to think of myself as a patient person, but in truth, the act of waiting in correlation to my health reeks havoc on my nerves. I can wait months for packages to arrive from foreign countries without a sweat, but to wait for some simple lab results... it's torture!

So, I've devised a way for me to pass the time and do so productively.

I think about the future and my plans. I think about all the things that I'm looking forward to doing and this seems to help. I can plan and plot and the waiting doesn't seem so bad.

For instance, I'm excited for the workshops this January and February! I can assure you that it's going to be a magical time. We'll be treasure hunting and exploring and cooking and making. All of my favorite things! I will also be sharing some of our secrets. I'm creating some handouts which basically summarize everything I know about composition, which can then be used to take photos, paint paintings, create collages, or dissect the work of others. I spent a small (actually a rather large) fortune on art school to learn these things and will happily share what I know with those who choose to tackle these adventures with us. We'll both be showing how we document our experience and in effect, capture the moment.

Please consider joining us this winter. To find out more, you can CLICK HERE. To sign up, CLICK HERE.


Shai Williams said...

So what have they discovered? Please let us know that this is all a false alarm.

Andrew Thornton said...

I have cancer. It's a form of skin cancer called squamous cell carcinoma. Tomorrow I go in for surgery to have it and the surrounding area removed and then it's follow-up visits galore.

TesoriTrovati said...

Focusing on those future plans has to be a wonderful way to set your sights. That hope will carry you through. And so will the prayers that are winging their way to you right now.

Find your 'something good' today.

Enjoy the day.

Clear Crick Cottage said...

Not to make light, but only to share a smile:
I was recently in a paint store for the 20th time trying to achieve and buy the right new color for my bedroom. After already getting to know the guy there, and buying several samples, I off-handedly mentioned I had forgotten how flat paint colors all end up darker once on the wall, and he nodded, and then he asked what color my walls are. I replied rolling my eyes "oh godddd Cottage White. Everything in my house was painted Cottage White by the previous owner." He replied "oh nooo, nothing like waking up in a hospital emergency room everyday!" I stared at him and snorted...OHHHhhhh crap, he was right...AND now he's made my old walls worse!! If you've ever spent time in a hospital you would know this truth...and 3 years ago I had, so his comment hit me with a resounding "boink." I then belly laughed, shook my head and ordered up another 3 samples.

Andrew, don't let those dang Cottage White walls affect you, because they DO and you just don't realize it! Think happy grass green, suunnnny positive bright orange, and tranquil bllllue seas. You just nevermind those hospital walls. :)

love, Sherilyn

Ann said...

Waiting rooms are interesting. As an interior designer we agonize over designing them, because we ourselves have been in so many awful ones. When I sit in a waiting room I redesign the space in my mind to be more accommodating or embracing. I sometimes even go the distance of sketching new drawings!

I sometimes do some bead crochet if I expect a long wait.

sending good thoughts, Ann