Monday, October 18, 2010

Fusion Beads Auction...

If you've been tuning in lately, you'll have seen several auctions up to help defray the bills I've incurred since my cancer diagnosis. I feel blessed to be surrounded by so much positive energy and support. It is truly amazing and I am totally humbled by the response.

There are others who are in need though who are less fortunate than I am. Lindsay of Fusion Beads recently contacted me with information about their 3rd annual jewelry auction. It'll be held on October 21st. I highly encourage anyone in Seattle or the near by area, to stop in and bid on the beautiful jewelry. The proceeds from the auction will go to Allie and her 6 year old son Eligh. Earlier this summer, Eligh had a golf ball sized tumor removed from his brain. Since his surgery, he has been hospitalized and is in rehabilitation, relearning to walk, smile, eat.... everything. His mother has left her job to care for her son full-time and to work with him to restore a semblance of the life he used to live.

So, if you're in the area, please consider stopping out and showing your support for Allie, a member of the Fusion Beads family, and her son Eligh.

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Rebecca said...

These are all worthy causes Andrew. It makes my heart so sad that illness and its treatment should in any way be related to how much money one earns...I know that perhaps coming from a country where things are run differently not everyone will agree, but illness is universal and I really believe from the bottom of my soul that its treatment should be also. My thoughts are with you all.