Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Twin Cities...

I only had a few hours at home from when I came back from Hawaii and when I headed out to Minneapolis. It's funny because I guess when I was leaving the airport in Pittsburgh, a group of security guards had just started their shift and when I came back to leave for Minneapolis, they were still on and jokingly asked, "Back again? What are you doing here so soon?"

It was my first time in Minnesota and being at the Twin Cities Bead Bazaar was an interesting experience. There were a lot of very talented artisans and vendors, most of whom I don't normally get to see but at Bead & Button. It was definitely a treat to meet all the lovely people who came out for the show.

Of all the pictures I took in Minnesota, this was the only one to survive. Somehow I managed to delete all the pictures of the potholes, the lakes, and Cathy Collison. The odd thing is that Jeannie (shown on the left with her husband) had a similar experience and believe it or not, deleted all of her pictures as well! I am glad that this one survived though. She brought by a most excellent polymer Steampunk winged heart for me to play with. I'm excited to use it in a piece.

I was corresponding with Jean Campbell, a local talent and beading celebrity of the region, about how I made a list of observations of the area. Here it is:

1: The potholes are the largest I've seen in my life! Some are bigger than my head!
2: 9 times out of 10, the people are not drunk, but are swerving to avoid the aforementioned potholes.
3: Internal clocks work overtime; I don't think I saw the sun once while I was there and there was a time change that gobbled an hour.
4: Every customer I spoke with mentioned the weather at least once during the conversation.
5: Speaking of the weather, my idea of "balmy" is different from people who live in Minnesota.
5a: Some people who live in Minnesota will wear short pants and flip-flops when it's 40 degrees out.
5b: People who live in Minnesota are sturdier stock than I am and were I to live there, would whither up like some kind of exotic flower.
6: Winning meat at the local bar is a common topic of conversation.
7: The colloquialisms, expressions, and accent are infectious, don't cha know?


ClickNCamera said...

You need to come to Oklahoma if you really want to see a large pothole ... here they are the size of a VW Bug! I would love to go back to Minnesota some day. Sorry to hear about your photo dilemma!

Michelle said...

Bummer about the photos! This week in Wisconsin we've seen the sun and have hit over 60! People have been wearing flippies and strapless tops (blinded by the white, white skin)! I'm from WI, but lived away from here for 25 years...yes, the accent is infectious and EVERYONE goes to the tavern and the common phrase here...."Not so much"...LOL Thanks for the chuckle!
Bead Happy!

Jeannie said...

I remember you brought up the potholes and the weather. I just agreed. Our pothole season has NEVER been this bad, honestly.

It was just another cloudy, balmy day in Minnesota.

Till be meet again...

Cynthia of Cynful Creations said...

Andrew, I laughed out loud at your list. All but #6 probably apply to most of Canada too, eh? As for the potholes, we have 2 seasons - winter and under construction, when they try to get all the potholes filled in before winter comes around again! That said, I hope you'll come visit us in Toronto some day. :)

Andrew Thornton said...

Hey Millie!

Oh goodness, I've been to Oklahoma and you're not kidding. Some of the worst driving weather I've ever experienced has been in Oklahoma along the way to Tucson. In all future trips out to Tucson, Oklahoma will be avoided completely.

Hey Michelle,

I hear that the weather was nice after I left. I think I caught the beginning of it, but was stuck inside all day and didn't get to go out and enjoy the sun that all the "pale faces" were out soaking up.

Hey Jeannie,

What can I say? It was on my mind since I had been talking about it all morning. I'm told that early fall is lovely there and is when they've just about finished the road repairs only to be torn up again by the cold of winter. Enjoy the nice weather! You all deserve it!

Howdy Cynthia!

Ha ha ha! I'm glad that I could make you laugh. I'm curious about Canada. I think I'd like it. I've got lots of friends there who insist that I come visit. One of these days!

FunkyMonkey Girls said...

Oh ya, you know! I still have the Minnesota accent & I haven't lived there since 2005...I will admit that sometimes I will lay it on a bit thick:)