Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Vintaj...

Guess what came in the mail today? Lots of beautiful natural brass goodies from Vintaj! I'm smitten with the new lines and the new Vintaj Jewelry Technique Book they've recently come out with. The book is full of ideas and beautiful designs.

Above are some of the new Altered Blanks. They are so full of potential. One of the ideas in the new techniques book is to run it through an embossing press to create custom patterns! I can't wait to try that one out. I'd be very interested to see some of my drawings embossed on the metal blanks.

I'm really excited about the new Fastenables. They've got really innovative shapes and could easily be manipulated into decorative bails and unique earring components. I love how they've got a nice mix of natural themed designs, like the leaves and some more structural-looking pieces like the "Odd Parts". The "Odd Parts" would be particularly nice in some new Steampunk designs.

I have to admit though that some of my absolute favorites are in the new Arte Metal series. I love the rich coloring. It's like a cross between gunmetal and cast iron. I can't wait to string some of these components up with some lustrous dark blue pearls. The other thing that's cool about these pieces is that they're not just for jewelry and can easily be used in altered art projects and assemblages. My mind is reeling with all of the possibilities!


Courtney Breul said...

these are all wonderful. i can't wait to see what you create!

Jamar said...

I haven't visited Vintaj in a while, but was thinking just the other day that I would like to see them do a finish more like gunmetal....this mix looks wonderful...thanks for the post.

TesoriTrovati said...

I reallly need to place an order with them soon. These are all wonderful. Can't wait to see what you do!
Enjoy the day!