Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Note...

I've received a couple emails about the last post, "Out in the World" and I thought I would address them here.

Firstly, I am honored and flattered by the pieces that Anne Terry and Sue of SueBeads created. What they made were true testaments to our friendships and honor the good spirit that the collages I made were originally given in. I am not offended or hurt by this at all! I am happy to know that they will be cherished. (They both have my blessing.)

Now, I hate to bring this up, because it's such a nasty thing, but my collages are all copyrighted by me. The reason why I bring this up is that I am concerned that the technique of using my collages in jewelry components will move beyond the personal realm and into the resale universe. This is a BIG no-no! Unless I've given my permission in writing, the use of my work in part or in whole is illegal. My collages, especially when used in jewelry components are what make my pieces unique, distinguishable, and one of a kind. They are my trademark and I make my living off of these signature works. There is a fine line between using my art in a personal piece and using it in items intended for resale.

I sincerely hope that this practice of incorporating my collages into jewelry components is not abused in the future. For one, it'd break my heart. (It'd also make me call my lawyer.)

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Anonymous said...

talk about being full of one's self, I wouldn't worry about someone using your collages, in fact you would be lucky to have that happen

y'all are so flippin' paranoid

do you enjoy art as much while ALWAYS lookin over your shoulder?

"they are stealing from me" seems to be a common theme with you and your group