Saturday, March 20, 2010

Splendid Things: Whimsy & Spice...

I once read a book (with a title that now eludes me) where the protagonist listed all of the "splendid things" in her life. I've decided to chronicle my own favorite things. I'm a HUGE sweets fan, so it is no surprise that my first Splendid Thing are cookies.

I first became aware of Whimsy & Spice, a confectioner out of Brooklyn through my friend Sarkilahti who owns Odette New York. She had mentioned that Jenna and Mark, the married team behind Whimsy & Spice would be in attendance at one of the local flea markets. Now when I say "flea market" you must push all thoughts of greasy questionable food carts, rusty tools caked in mud, and bootlegged DVDs out of your mind. The Brownstoners Brooklyn Flea is host to established fabric designers and authors like Lena Corwin, "rogue" perfumers like David Moltz and Kavita Ahuja of D.S. & Durga, and high-end landscape architects like Groundworks, Inc. In this hip venue, gourmet artisan-made cookies were not out of place. That's when I got my first taste and I've been hooked ever since.

My favorite of their line are their Rose & Black Pepper Thumbprint Cookies. A buttery cookie, amplified with the heat and spice of ground pepper, is balanced with the sweet floral rose petal preserves that evoke gossamer images of English rose gardens and tea services with The Duchess. The unusual addition of black pepper to the nutty almond base adds layers of complexity and elicits daydreams of voyages along the Silk Road to forbidden cities and aromatic spice markets. These are definitely not to be missed, nor is their blog called Sweet Fine Day, which provides an intimate look at the lives of a family business in Brooklyn.

Rose & Black Pepper Thumbprint Cookies by Whimsy & Spice are Splendid Things indeed.

Required FTC Disclosure: These items were purchased by me, Andrew Thornton, the author of this post. I was not paid by Whimsy & Spice or their affiliates for my honest review of their products.


Jeannie said...

I've never heard cookies be described like this before. It's like cookie poetry.

Jenny said...

Hi Andrew--

Just wanted to say thanks so much for sharing all this. I know what you mean about sweets, so I eagerly turned to the blog you mentioned. I am going to try the orange madeleine recipe (I've had a madeleine pan for years, never used it, can't bear to give it away!) I love their descriptions of their lives, so busy, trying to manage so many things. Thanks again, and safe travels to you.

Jenny (in Sacramento)

jenna @sweet fine day said...

aw, thanks andrew. you are so sweet. though I have to admit I cringe at how old they must have been by the time you got home. We tried to send it when we thought you'd be back but it seemed like your trip went longer than we thought. Happy spring.

Andrew Thornton said...

Not to worry Jenna! I've been sitting on this post for awhile. I had them shipped down, as soon as I heard they were there. I did have a few left (a week ago), as I rationed them out and they were tasty even still. I gave in though and rationed them out no longer but gorged upon them. So do not cringe! I didn't!

jennifer said...

Just saw this (I was away when you posted it)...I didn't realize I was to blame! I'm hooked too:)