Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Out in the World...

You never know where your artwork will end up. One particular occasion comes to mind, when I was going over to a collector's apartment to drop off some collages he purchased. When I walked into the formal sitting room, I saw that one of my paintings hung between a Philip-Lorca diCorcia photograph and a Takashi Murakami painting. In the realm of contemporary fine art, these are some HUGE names. To have my piece among them made my heart sing.

When I was in Detroit this past weekend, I was greeted by Anne Terry, who was wearing a lovely piece that she made in a class with Anne Mitchell. Behind the mica was one of my collages. It was a treat to see this collaboration and my collage framed so eloquently. I had almost completely forgotten that she had written me earlier in the year about this, but was pleasantly reminded when I saw her wearing the piece!

Earlier today, I was surfing the web, when I dropped by Sue Bead's blog. I scrolled down and saw a post called, "Heart Collage Pendant". Upon hearing about Anne Terry, Sue was moved to create her own pendant out of one of my collages. As a general rule, I don't encourage people to cut up my artwork, but this turned out quite nicely! Sue immortalized my collage by embedding it in a heart-shaped pendant much as I did earlier in the year in a piece called, "Not Without" (which now lives with a delightful new friend named Lynette).

You never know where your art will end up out in the world... whether treasured on a wall or next to someone's heart, it is always a surprise and a pleasure to see that it is cherished.

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