Thursday, March 25, 2010

Story in the City...

My friend, Cristina, started a blog called, "Story in the City". It's an archive of inspirational artwork and narratives collected and documented throughout New York City. CLICK HERE to check it out.


Jeannie said...

Like I always tell my clients, "listen to your body."

If your head is telling your hands to paint, you gota do it.

Life's too short to always follow the rules and meet deadlines.

This painting is surreal. It has a stark reality and I'm stunned by it.

I paint myself and I know Faux Fresco is no small feat and is the "mother of all arts." I'm very familiar with it, however I'll never master it.

Faux Fresco involves thorough knowledge of forms and drafting skills and so much more.

I hope you share more of your art with us when you have more time.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!