Friday, March 30, 2007

NYC has got you covered...

Just before I left the doctor's office, the assistant said, "Oh, you forgot something." She then handed me a handful of the new NYC condoms. The blood-loss must have prevented me from telling her that my kiosk has been closed for some time and that I was celibate. But I took them anyway and shoved them in my jacket pocket.

Later, as I was pulling out my ID to enter the studio building, all of the condoms fell out on the floor in front of all of the security guards. One of them instinctively bent down to help me pick them up, but retracted his hand when he saw what they were. I could hear one of my favorite guards that I've known for years say under her breath, "Lord have mercy..."

I tried to play it cool, but was redder than a tomato. The entire elevator ride up, I was lost in my thoughts of what clever things I could have said. "Better safe than sorry."


Sunrise TheSea said...

awww, I would have laughed and then apologized.

Andrew Thornton said...

It was a strange experience. Normally I don't really care, especially about things concerning sex (all of my current work indirectly, if not directly) deals with it. But I was feeling particularly vulnerable for some reason. Perhaps it's because in a few short weeks, I won't be going to school there anymore and I want to leave on a good impression. Not as a notorious sex fiend.