Tuesday, March 06, 2007

From Great Heights...

One of the things that I've missed a lot from living here is when we'd go on drives. It is a nice way to pass time, soaking up the scenery and spending quality time talking and catching up.

Today our adventures took us to some really high places! We drove up some scenic mountain roads and stopped every now and then to bask in the warm sunshine. It was a little scary going around those STEEP STEEP roads, but ultimately rewarding.

We also went hiking in the woods. At first we started off on some paths next to the French Broad River. But the banks were muddy and slippery and not really conducive to finding treasures. So we went off on our own. It was surely an adventure. Lots of brambles and steep inclines, but it was a nice trip.

When we got back to the house, I made a variation of my spicy carrot cake. I added dried pineapple and un-crystalized ginger. Also, instead of a regular cream cheese frosting, I mixed in a little bit of Dulce De Leche, maple syrup, and brown sugar. Very tasty indeed.

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