Monday, March 05, 2007

Almost Wasted...

Most of the day was spent in bed. After making a quick breakfast and getting ready for some adventures, my head started hurting and I had to lay down. Ugh. I hate not feeling well in general, let alone when I'm on holiday. So today was almost wasted.

Later, after I got up from resting and snuggling the family cat (Frick), we started some new projects. I started on a piece that'll debut at my show at the end of March. The guest list is still open. To get on the guest list, one must RSVP either by emailing me directly or leaving a comment. Very excited about this new piece. Conceptually, it'll go really well with the other pieces. To the left is a snippet of my inspiration.

I was also helping Azalea with her own crafting project. That Baby was rolling out some polymer clay. I don't exactly know what she's going to do with it, but she sure took her job seriously. She kept saying, "Annu, I'm working."
Although the day started off with the prospect of not being so productive, it turned out to be quite interesting and very active.

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