Friday, March 02, 2007

Flight Patterns...

Early this morning, I went to the airport and began my trip south. My flights were relatively smooth and without too much hassle. I slept the entire time, both legs of the journey. However, the connecting flights were scheduled back-to-back and at opposite ends of the airport, which made for some animated power walking. I caught my plane, so didn't mind too much.

Cynthia and Azalea picked me up at the airport in Knoxville. I sent one of my co-workers a postcard from the airport before we left, because I have a feeling that he's a little home-sick for Eastern Tennessee.

The three of us stopped at a Playland and I broke the rules by going up and playing in the tunnels with Girl. It was a little scary. Those things go up pretty high!

So far the trip has been really relaxing. Girl Wonder has been showing me her room a lot and playing games with me. My favorite! Tomorrow we've planned many adventures, but for now, I must rest.

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