Saturday, January 20, 2007

War Is Over "Again"...

My friend, Linda Nicholas, an artist I met in the Summer Residency at SVA a few years ago was participating in a show entitled, War is Over "Again" at Sideshow Gallery in Williamsburg.

Since I've returned to New York, I've been meaning to catch up with her. So even though it was bitterly cold out, I fashionably bundled up and headed out to see her at the opening. I stopped by the bodega and picked up some flowers -irises, one of my favorites and set out to see her.

Last night, just before I went out to see Sleepwalkers at MoMA, I dropped in on the gallery by mistake. For some reason, I had thought that the opening was on Friday night and not Saturday. I had even bought flowers (orchids) on Friday night to give to Linda, but eventually gave them away to Josh's friend whom we briefly ran into after visiting MoMA.

When I stopped by on Friday, it was pretty empty. I am fairly certain that it was empty because only the gallery staff was there for the installation of the show. The idea that the gallery would be empty kind of stuck with me. I imagined that when I showed up on the actual date of the opening, it would be easy to find her.

Upon entering the gallery earlier this evening, I was shocked! At any given time, there was easily over a hundred people in the relatively small space. I wouldn't be surprised if there were more than that. Needless to say, I saw everyone except for Linda. I even spotted Elizabeth Harris, of the Elizabeth Harris Gallery in Chelsea.

It was funny, because one of the members of the gallery who I had seen the night before recognized me and saw that I had brought flowers... again. She was very sweet about trying to help me locate Linda.

The irises are now sitting in a vase in my living room and I have yet to meet up with Linda, but am hopeful that we will soon be able to catch up!


Anonymous said...

I will begin reading this tonight religiously.

I'm at


Andrew Thornton said...

Hey Alba! I'm going to add you to my list of blog friends. It's a lot easier for me to keep up with people this way. Why didn't you tell me that you had a blog earlier?

Anonymous said...

I totally did like 5 or so emails ago. I swear. I've had this blog (and a few others) since the 11th grade when Ms. Morris made us get one for Creative Writing. I don't write as much anymore but I shall try for 2007 to make it a weekly thing. (I'm going to eventually give up myspace since it's not really for blogging and instead for being lustful and lame)

Andrew Thornton said...

I haven't the foggiest memory of you letting me know you had a blog. But that doesn't really mean very much. My memory comes and goes. Haven't heard from Ms. Morris in a while. Hope she's all right. I try to write in my blog once a day, but then there are days when I'm either too busy or don't really have much to report on. I don't really use MySpace very much, but I do think that it's another way of keeping in touch with people. I cannot judge too harshly, as I'm on MySpace and I don't think I'm crazy "lustful" or dolefully "lame."