Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Working one Saturday a few years ago, I met a couple who became regulars named Natalie and Paulo. They would usually come in, their brows damp from a bike ride around the City, and order their usual. Natalie had these really distinctive and unusal earrings of chairs. I commented on how nice they looked and suggested that she look into the work of Lucas Samaras, who has done a lot of art pieces with chairs.

Fast forward to two weeks ago: I open an issue of Time Out New York and see a picture of a woman who looks vaguely familiar. I notice her earrings, and see that it is Natalie Danford and she has written a book entitled, Inheritance. This past weekend, after not seeing them for a long time, she and her husband stopped in for a bite to eat.

Earlier this evening, despite massive amounts of work, I had the pleasure of stopping in at the Barnes and Noble at Astor Place to hear a reading from her debut novel. The book is about a woman named Olivia who discovers a deed after her father's death. This mysterious link to her father's past, takes her to Italy to uncover the truth behind a long-buried family secret.

From what she read, it sounds pretty darn awesome! I'm definitely going to check it out (and perhaps get Natalie to sign my copy) when my course-load lightens up a bit. Maybe it'll make good reading for the flight down to Tucson later this month!

I also think that it is a confirmation sign for my plans for the trip to Italy this summer.

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