Saturday, January 13, 2007

Little Miss Sunshine...

Ever since I saw the first trailer for Little Miss Sunshine, I knew that I had to go out and see it. Sheila and I would both stalk the video stores, like jungle predators looking their prey. Unfortunately, we were never able to find it while she was still in New York. And since then, I've seen it at the Blockbuster by my work. Or more aptly, I have seen the empty shelves designated for where the movie lives when it's actually in the store.

As luck would have it, on a recent browsing trip I found the last copy and snatched it up before the Korean couple with the DaVinci Code in hand could.

I had wildly different expectations for the film, but was pleasantly surprised. The depth of character was remarkably crafted from the cast, portraying the best and worst of family dynamics. Little Miss Sunshine is a darkly funny film where the laughs are earned, and are counter-balanced by somber addictions and real human hurt. Many of the scenes are easy to relate to if one were to reflect on their own family.

Endings of films, can either make or break a film for me. The great thing about this particular movie is that it doesn't end all neat and tidy. Although there is closure, deux ex machina doesn't swoop in and grant everyone a pair of ruby red slippers to click out their wishes. I recommend this film.

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