Monday, January 22, 2007

Desert Bound...

Next week, I'm headed for Tucson, Arizona to work at the annual spring bead shows there with my family and their company, Green Girl Studios. I will be at the To Bead True Blue Show hosted at the Manning House Estate. Stop by and say, "hello," if you're in the area! I'm really excited to take a little break and go out to the desert. I was born in that part of the country and I think that a little part of me is still connected to it. Plus, the sunsets are simply amazing.

It's a great chance to see people, whom I only get to see once or twice a year and catch up with them. To me it is the equivalent to summer camp. When we were growing up, we were too poor to go to camp, so this is our chance to make up for lost time. I miss all my Tucson friends. I can't wait to see them!

Green Girl Studios is hosting a small party for their closest friends who will be out in the desert during the bead shows. Anne Mitchell has graciously opened her home/studio to host the party! They are amazing and their place sounds absolutely beautiful! I'm looking forward to this so much.

We are having the wonderfully talented Courtney Robbins play for us. She is a Tucson-based singer/songwriter who really knows how to handle a guitar. Her playing is immediate, passionate and vibrant; her lyrics direct and stirring. Courtney will be promoting her new, recently-released album, Red Sky In Morning. Her album is definitely a worthy addition to anyone's music collection. Pick up a copy via iTunes or through CDBaby (or at the party!)

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