Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Modern Alchemy...

The other day, I saw a posting on the Notcot blog about D.L. & Co. and fell in love with their work. Specifically, I was drawn to the Modern Alchemy collection. Not only are these high-quality products both fragrant and pleasingly aromatic, but they are also stylishly packaged. They reference Edwardian and Victorian motiffs to successfully pump up the nostalgic vibe. One of the product-lines produced by Modern Alchemy is the Timeless Pocket Watch series, which was featured in the December 2006 issue of Lucky. They were sold exclusively through Anthropologie.

Unfortunately, Anthropologie no longer carries this product on their website. HOWEVER, a few of the store locations still have these pocket-ready solid perfumes at 75% the original price. (Sale heaven!) I just happened to be walking by the 5th Avenue location and picked up the Yuzu Flower and Cassis Bud blends. Sadly, all of the Lilly of the Valley ones were damaged and I couldn't open them, so I passed. But I'm very pleased with the other two at bargain prices!


Cynthia Thornton said...

I hope you got me one. Some folks are having trouble commenting on your blog, Tony Blackwell asked me to contact you and have you email him at zoaart.
I want to have a small party in Tucson for our buddies-let me know your thoughts on this. Maybe Heather would like to help host? I know the Blackwells are in. Call me.

Andrew Thornton said...

It's a surprise... maybe I did... maybe I didn't.

I got a comment from Tony the other day, so hopefully the problem has been fixed. I'm using the updated version of Blogger and sometimes there have been minor issues with things like commenting or posting images. I find that the best and easiest thing to do is to log off, shut down the browser, and try again.

I'm scouting for music for the party in Tucson. Should be fun. I'll call you tomorrow after work.