Thursday, February 03, 2011

The Lima Beads Party...

Even though I was completely and totally exhausted from working the long day at the Best Bead Show, we headed out to the foothills for the Lima Beads Party. What fabulous and gracious hosts. They had an amazing spread in a swank house with sprawling views of Tucson.

Above: Kathy (in the background), Matt, Ali Sly, and Rebecca with David and Bonnie of Garlan Chains and Kevin (in the background).

I was fortunate enough to meet the new editor of Beadwork magazine, Mindy Brooks. What a sweet and thoughtful person. I look forward to seeing what she does with the magazine.

Above: Matt, Kathy and Steve enjoying the fire with some song.

It was a great night! They are simply wonderful people and I had a wonderful time spending time with them in person. I wish I had taken more pictures of the night, especially of the great view and all of the lovely people!

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Jeanne aka Gem Chick said...

Thanks for sharing these photos!
The folks at Lima Beads are wonderful! Their website is one of my favorites for quality materials and absolutely fabulous customer service!