Monday, February 07, 2011

Kai'Lee Botak CD Fundraiser...

One of the great things about the jewelry-making and beading community is how supportive everyone is. I feel really blessed to be apart of such a vibrant and amazing group of creative people. Our creativity doesn't always stop at beading though. Many of the individuals who make up our great community have other artistic passions.

Our neighbor at the To Bead True Blue Show and the Tucson Bead Show is Kabela Design. They create a line of filigree, bezels, Swarovski crystal chain, Glider's Paste, and are some of the SWEETEST people ever! When I was diagnosed with cancer, they were one of the first to jump up and rally the fundraising effort. Tom and Beth's daughter, Kai'Lee (Kelly), is currently trying to follow her passion as a musician and create an album. She's amazingly talented and I think deserves a shot at making her dream come true! If you've been to a show or ordered from their website, then you probably know of Kai'Lee and just how lovely she is.

So, please take a look at the Kai'Lee's Kickstarter page and if you're able, support a fellow artist by making a pledge or passing this along to your friends and fellow music enthusiasts. CLICK HERE to go to her page to find out more about how you can help! (Also, check out her song, Black Tide!) The deadline is February 24th, 12:00AM EST. Kai'Lee will only receive funding if her full $3,000 goal is met or surpassed!!!

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Kelly said...

Andrew Thornton,

You are like the Sun in our sky!!

Thank you wonder-man,

Kai'Lee Botak