Saturday, February 19, 2011

Blood: An Exhibition...

What does it mean to live? The new group show featured at Sacred Machine on Congress, Blood, attempts to answer this morbid curiosity. Whether it's the glinting gore of Chris Mars' visceral oil paintings or the cartoonish surrealism of Charlie Immer, the pieces in this show push the viewer, sometimes uncomfortably, to ask themselves, "What does it mean to live? To die? To suffer? To love?"

The pieces have equal power to repulse as they do to endear. Standing back and watching the faces of the passerby audience at the opening made this clear. A delighted smile was as common to find as a grimace in this Tucson museum and curiosity shop. This is the power behind Blood: to entice and seduce and then reveal and explore the mortal condition.

Also on view are the new works by resident artist and co-owner, Daniel Martian Diaz. The new works make a point of reclaiming old symbols and exploring the layers of what's real, what's earthly and what's divine. The dichotomy of monster mouths and crowns that stud the show exemplify this – a parallel of the sacred and profane.

One of the great things about seeing a show at Sacred Machine is the ambiance. The work (which can be seen by CLICKING HERE) is shown alongside antique oddities and every opportunity to excite visually (and even audibly) is taken. Whether it's a live performance during the opening by a talented guitarist, or interesting lighting fixtures and gilt frames in the bathroom, every chance is seized.

I definitely recommend stopping by Sacred Machine to check out the new show and support local artists who continue to carve out a niche and succeed at doing so.


jamberry_song said...

This show looks brilliant; and, you know, it couldn't come at a more appropriate time. Thanks for sharing this.

flyingbeader said...

Those are great. I clicked on the work & wish wish wish I could be there in Tucson to be able to go to this show. Wow! stuff.


kate mckinnon said...

Not only is the show beautiful, but Daniel and Paula are too. I'm so pleased that Andrew came to Tucson to introduce me to them.