Friday, February 11, 2011

The Grant Inn...

One of the shows that stands out in memory as one of my favorites, is the Grant Inn (what was once known as the Rodeway). We got news this year that this would be the last year that the show would be in existence. Rumors of bulldozers and wrecking balls proliferated. I was determined to see it one last time before it fell! However, as I talked with the vendors at the show... the talk of demolition and leveling the venue to the ground was not the case.

Apparently the show has been sold. Some of the vendors are moving to the Gem Mall and others are remaining. The new owners also own the Howard Johnson shows. I think it's a nice fit. All of the dusty hotel shows lining the freeway will remain intact, as they were in my memories.

Above is a shot of Jeannette and Pema. Pema is an ageless beauty who sells Tibetan beads and artifacts. She once told me that these treasures were all owned at one point by her grandmother. I love that story. It's as though each piece comes with a blessing.

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