Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Fast As You Can...

The days here in Tucson are speeding by. I am finding it hard to make time to do anything but soak up the creative atmosphere and enjoy the company of all the many wonderful people here in Tucson.

On Monday, I had a workshop with Barbara Lewis of Painting with Fire. I took her Torch Fired Enameling Class. It was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to using this technique in the future.

After the class, I went to work at my family's booth. I saw lots of wonderful people. Below is a list and accompanying photographs.

AJ Rearden

Leah Fairbanks

David and Debi Nicholson of Beads of Colour

Judy of Natural Touch Beads

Jill MacKay and Tammy Jones

Ute of Silk Painting is Fun

Leslie Rogalski

Rich and Adam of PJ Tools

After the show, I had the pleasure of going out with Paul and Candice Wakumoto. Neither of us have In N Out Burger where we live, so we enjoyed it while we could.

We ended up going out with the Fusion Girls. We went to Kon Tiki which is a fun little Tiki bar with a very mysterious drink menu, where all they can say is that there is rum and orange juice in their mixed drinks (and that it wards away evil spirits).

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Andrew, it has been such a treat and a joy spending time with you. What great care you have taken of us. Your cooking is divine and you are a kind spirit!