Friday, February 18, 2011

Inspired Wire...

Did you know that Calder made a series of animal-inspired wire jewelry pieces? They don't get as much attention as the showier pieces like "The Jealous Husband", but he created several based on the creatures of land and sky. Above is a piece that I created loosely inspired by his work. It's created out of bent and hammered brass wire with copper wire accents. I had intended this deer to be the focal to a woodland themed crown, but we'll see. After I hammered it out, I lost touch with the vision of it atop a crown of swaying reeds made of patinated hammered bronze wire.


kate mckinnon said...

I love the single line drawing; that's one of the things I really like about the deer. Each hammer blow did change his aspect, and it was interesting to watch how and guess why.

I love that part of metalsmithing - using the hammer to encourage the metal subtly in one direction or another, and to be able to predict what a blow in one area will do to the structure of the metal in another- It was fun to watch in real time how hard-forging the rack could affect the cant of the legs.

Also: your eye reminds me of the coiled cones.
: )

jamberry_song said...

It's lovely! To be honest, though, I thought it was a moose with that elegantly embellished noggin. Looking at it brought on a sweep of thoughts and memories of Canada. I could see this as a large, lovely necklace. Whatever you do, though, I hope it involves some wooden beads, too! :)