Sunday, April 29, 2007


Tucked beneath the raised platform of the the JMZ, just under the second stop in Brooklyn, lies Moto. This bohemian 1930's-inspired French cafe is frequented mostly by hipsters and artists, indulging in its vintage ambiance and inexpensive dishes that are out-of-this-world!

I'm usually leery about the no sign on the door establishments that cater to the asymmetrically trimmed, black Converse wearing crowd, but this surprising little gem transcends the stereotypes.

A friend and I indulged in a very tasty Portuguese wine which was on special and then had a few small dishes. We ordered the marinated mushrooms, the manchego with pear, and a lentil dish. All delicious and inexpensive. To end the meal, I ordered the creme brulee. I believe that you can tell a lot about a place just from their creme brulee. Moto's portends a generous, warm atmosphere, not foreign to discussions about art and literature.

Not to mention there was a GOOD live jazz band playing and a horseshoe-shaped bar and a beautiful retro bathroom with a triangular mirror in the corner!

I was hesitant about posting about this restaurant. Why? Because it's my new favorite and I can sometimes be stingy with wonderful little secrets.


Cynthia Thornton said...

We are so going to this restaurant! You know how much I love the manchego/pear combo! Heaven!

Andrew Thornton said...

I knew you would be interested. I told my friend, "You know, my sister Cynthia would probably like this place."

They apparently usually serve the manchego with a quince preserve. Yummy!

I'm going to try their hearts of palm wrapped in prosciutto.

I also hear that their date cake with warm toffee sauce and fresh whipped cream is delightful.