Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Tidal Waves...

It has been quite a while since I last posted.

I thought about making an entry for each specific thing that has happened since I last wrote, but decided against doing that in the efforts to save some time.

I've been very busy now that school has started and I'm working in my studio. Most of my classes seem interesting. I'm particularly curious how the children's literature class will turn out. Sounds like a lot of fun. I got my own studio by myself. I picked a very strategic location and now I have an entire studio! I'm excited about all the work that I'll be able to make there.

I've also been quite busy with work still. I am no longer at the Bryant Park location, but instead have been transferred to another location downtown. I've seen a lot of old faces and it is nice to reconnect with them. Though I am still not quite in my element just yet.

It hasn't helped that I've been under the weather lately. I've really been pushing myself so hard lately and I'm not used to it and it is certainly taking its toll on me.

An unexpected thing happened. I went with a friend to visit a jewelry store and was offered a job there. I'm not certain if it will work out or not, but it seems like a really great opportunity. I just hope that the position hasn't been filled yet. I met the owner and got a really great vibe from him. Well see how it develops.

Ope, Sheila, Emily, and I have started Project Runway nights at Ope and Emily's apartment. They've got cable and TiVo, so we go over there to watch it. It's a lot of fun. We try to make an event out of it by having food. It's a good thing that the apartment that she's in has TiVo... otherwise, I doubt we'd be able to have our infrequent gatherings.

Heather Wynn came to visit and it was great having her. I felt really bad that we couldn't entertain her more. Both Sheila and I have crazy schedules and it would have impossible to stay with her the whole trip. It was sad to see her go, but I'm glad to be able to get into my new schedule without distraction. Maybe I'll be able to update my blog more regularly once I'm more accustomed to the work-load.

It feels as though I've been swept away by a tidal wave. It is an unsure feeling, but a good one. There's a freedom in this floating. But it is hard since you have to keep paddling and paddling to get anywhere.

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Anonymous said...

are midnight treasure hunt was the greatest memory.As well as the mullet wig wearing evening when 2 jolly gentleman wished me happy birthday at the local liquor store.
this kiosk is closed.
It was such a quick trip and what I enjoyed most was just sitting around chatting with you and sheila over lentils and rice.
come visit me down in florida whenever ya'll get the chance.