Thursday, May 02, 2013

RAMS Kickoff Event...

As members of the local Chamber of Commerce, we participated in a program called, "R.A.M.S.".  It stands for, "Recognizing Amazing Merchants and Students" and is a collaboration between local merchants and the public schools in the area.  The joint venture promotes creativity and educates students on small business and marketing.  Students in the elementary, middle and high school create arts and crafts to be sold in storefronts throughout Ligonier.

Last night was the Kickoff event!  Students, teachers, and parents flooded the town to see the work displayed.  At Allegory Gallery, we featured an assortment of wooden step stools, ceramic bowls and colanders, batik scarves, canvas printed photographs, and ceramic pendants.

It was really nice seeing everyone out and talking with the various students and parents.  All the money raised for the schools through this project goes towards the art programs in the local schools.

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Lori Bowring Michaud said...

What a great opportunity for the students, Andrew!!