Thursday, May 30, 2013

New Classes at Allegory Gallery...

We've been working like crazy at putting together an intriguing and interesting line-up of classes this summer at THE ANNEX!  That's right, these classes will take place at the Annex space.  It's far from being ready, but the idea of having folks come in for classes sure does light the fire under one's bottom!

Anyway, there are classes listed taught by Jan Durkin and Maria Richmond!  It's very exciting to see the classes shape up.  I like that we're one of the only places to take such classes in the area.  Many of the classes are marked way down, especially compared to national conventions or big trade shows.  We feel strongly about encouraging creative education in the area and even though we're not making a ton of money off of the classes, we feel good about bringing such worthy programing to the region.

We will also be hosting classes on paper crafts and poetry!  So keep your eyes peeled for that!

To find out more about the classes that we'll be hosting at the Annex, CLICK HERE!  You can sign up online or in person at Allegory Gallery.  Whatever is easiest for you!  But please sign up early to reserve your spot and to let us prepare supplies and tools.

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