Friday, May 24, 2013

Banana Caterpillar Necklace...

One of my friends recently celebrated her birthday.  She is one of the most supportive and upbeat people I know and is always smiling!  I wanted to make her a little something to show how much I appreciate her friendship.  I don't always get a chance to express my gratitude for the people in my life, but when I do, I try to seize the opportunity!

She had said that she liked the color yellow.  I wanted to make something that was bright, cheerful, and fun!  I modified this design from a bracelet that I made a few years ago called the "Crystal Caterpillar Bracelet".  Basically it's a length of chain that is thickly embellished with wire-wrapped dangles.  The clusters of dangles are so full that it gives it the appearance of being a fuzzy caterpillar.

This is a close-up of the pendant.  I used Swarovski crystals in topaz and sunflower.  I also incorporated Javanese striped lampwork glass beads.  With the brownish stripes, the glass beads reminded me a little bit of a banana.  The "Banana Caterpillar" pendant was hung from some brass chain and pulled together with a toggle from Nina Designs flanked by more crystals.

When I gave it to her, she really seemed to enjoy it!  


Unknown said...

How lovely!

Unknown said...

I have never been a fan of yellow but this necklace makes me wonder why? This is beautiful and wearable, it would look gorgeous on someone with darker skin too!

Unknown said...

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