Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Oval Spin Earrings...

Local musician, Jane West, stopped in the shop the other day.  She had a fun night in Pittsburgh planned and wanted equally fun earrings to go with her outfit for the evening.  I busted out the Now That's a Jig!, a roll of wire, and some "reconstituted" amber beads and got to work!

I used copper wire (that I later patinated in liver of sulfur) and the oval peg for Now That's a Jig! to form the base of the earrings.  I used a thinner wire and "floated" the amber-speckled acrylic beads in the middle of ovals.  I made sure to use a thinner gauge so that the holes had ample clearance for the beads to spin freely.  I think the earrings turned out nicely and are indeed a lot of fun!

Here's Jane modeling the earrings.  I haven't had a chance to ask her how her evening went, but regardless of the entertainment, she could amuse herself by playing with her earrings!  Once you start spinning the beads, it's hard to stop!