Thursday, December 03, 2009

A Visit with Kathy Van Kleeck...

We had the delightful pleasure of having Kathy Van Kleeck over for a short visit today. Kathy is an extraordinary jewelry designer and a magician with metal clay. She was generous enough to bring along some of her work to show us the various projects she's made. Cynthia and I were both in awe of her enchanted looking wands, books, boxes, tiaras and modern reliquaries rendered in metal clay and studded with beach glass, sapphires, rubies and rough-cut diamonds. What a treat! Kathy isn't afraid of experimentation and her work captures that curious spirit.
Above is a picture of Max, Cynthia, Kathy and Azalea sitting on the couch posing for the picture. It was so nice to talk with another artisan, especially one as genuine as Kathy. I love her direct approach and the soulful expressions that result.

Look at the lovely treasures that Kathy gave me. Beach glass shards capped and sandwiched between fine silver. I'm totally going to make a talisman necklace using these pieces just for me.

Make sure to check out her blog, her Etsy page, and her newly launched website.


kvk said...

Andrew you're a gem all by your own self. A great pleasure and an afternoon well spent. many blessings - kathy

Andrew Thornton said...

You rock, Kathy Van Kleeck!