Sunday, December 13, 2009


I think that in the course of having this blog and interacting with others in the blogosphere, a lot of rumors and myths have arisen about me. They are not necessarily negative or bad, they just are made more of fantasy than reality. I've kept a list of these things that either people have asked me, said about me, or that I've overheard. I'd like to take this moment to dispel some of those myths.

1. I'm not independently wealthy. As much as I wish I were, I'm sadly not. In fact, I'm woefully in debt from student loans and poor financial planning early on. It may seem like I'm living some glamorous life, traveling around the country and making things all the time, but I travel for work and usually the things I make are for sale and not just for the pure enjoyment of making something.

2. I don't sit around and eat and make things all day. Again, I wish this one were true. I would love to just create, indulging in making things and enjoying lots of yummy food, but I engage in more drudgery than most people imagine (and my diet usually consists of carrots, coffee, and slapdash sandwiches and quick pasta). Much of my time is committed to paperwork, deadlines, and trying to fish out different opportunities for my work. The latter is the most difficult. I am lucky that I have the support of my family, friends, and loved ones.

3. Speaking of loved ones, I'm not single. With that said, I'm fiercely protective of my privacy. Some people flaunt their wealth, and others, like me, horde their valuables and hide them away from the world like a dragon.

4. I live in Pennsylvania now. I know it doesn't seem like I post about my new home very much, and for good reason – I'm on the road a lot and haven't been there very much. I would love to be able to settle in and nest in earnest, but this relates to the first myth about me not being independently wealthy.

5. I'm not a wise, old sage. I'm not enlightened and am 100% flawed human. I am far from perfect. I laugh loudly, I cry, I yell, I fight, I curse, and I like the occasional beer. I have scars on the inside and on the outside, I've got messed up teeth and I have bad acne. Busted as I am, I'm okay with it all. I've come to realize that every scar has a story.

6. I don't think that you have to go to an art school to be an artist. Had someone asked me that my freshman year of art school, I might have disagreed. But after having gone through the higher education process, I realize that no amount of schooling can teach passion. And if a person is passionate about seeing and making, all the classes and credits are just a formality. Life is the best teacher, and if someone is serious, the world is laden with lessons.

7. I'm not religious. Believe it or not, at one point I was a board member of a church, but those were different days. Oddly enough this demystification has a lot to do with the previous one and with the third in this list. I am staunchly protective of my thoughts on the spiritual, but if you're really interested in hearing what I think – take a look at one of my paintings. It's all there.

8. I don't hate Christi Anderson. I don't know where this rumor started, since I've only had one exchange with her, but I don't hold any ill-will towards her. (I really don't have any ill-will towards anyone come to think of it.) Perhaps it's because I work with my family who owns a metal-smith based company and she also works with metal, and sometimes drama and gossip are proliferated in niche communities? I find this funny because some of my favorite people are also involved in the metal community and I think that there's room for everyone.

9. I don't hate feet. While they aren't my favorite things, I actually did a series of "foot studies" for a drawing class. I think that the origin of this was in a blog post I made about keeping promises. Basically I said that I wouldn't make any grandiose promises that I knew I couldn't keep; I did promise never to take pictures of my feet and post pictures of them on my blog. (I have been successful in keeping this promise.)

10. I'm not 147 years old as some of my profiles might suggest. The mystery of why I don't reveal my age boils down to three things: 1. I was the victim of malicious identity theft when I was first starting out and for several months couldn't even get a phone line installed. 2. It's a tradition my mother started. 3. It's another label people use to pigeonhole others. I'd rather someone judge me on my accomplishments and merits, the deeds I've done, rather than an abstract number attached to imaginary expectations of how someone should act and what they have done or haven't done. This was particularly problematic earlier on when I was applying for jobs and despite my credentials and experience was turned down in favor of individuals who looked the part.

Well, I think that those ten things are a good start to demystifying the fiction that has surfaced since I've started blogging and is a little bit closer to the real me. It's important for me to be genuine. I am a real person who struggles, fails and makes small triumphs like everyone else.


Lorelei Eurto said...

this makes me love you even more! xox

Azure Accessories said...

Nicely put...I'm a rather private person as well so I don't give a great deal about myself! I sometimes think blogging is a release for people...they feel they can put everything out there because no one really knows them!


jenna @sweet fine day said...

love this post andrew. yes, it is sort of funny sometimes the assumptions you might have about a person you know only online. Despite what it may seem, it id only a slice of your life after all.

TesoriTrovati said...

I don't know about demystifying...actually makes me think you are more mysterious! But I kind of like it that way, Andrew. People are silly, really. Why would they say those things or worse believe any of them? I am proud of you being who you are, and that is why I like to come here. I just moved myself (only three miles north, but still) and I know what a hassle that is. You just keep taking it one day at a time and know that those of us who truly appreciate you would never think those things.
Enjoy the day!

Gaea said...

Wha? Not 147? I was leaning toward the gifted and brilliant 12 year old side of things. Hm? Go figure. I know you are are really a globe traveling spy who has saved the world 10 times over. Sorry to blow your cover. How long before you hear that whispered behind your back. Glad I could help. Tee hee!

Lynn said...

1. I'm not independently wealthy. Me neither. Although my finances are not up for public debate, ya’ll can think whatever you please. Mystery is my name.

2. I don't sit around and eat and make things all day. Me neither. Sometimes I shower, brush my teeth, and work very hard.

3. Speaking of loved ones, I'm not single. Me neither, mystery is still my name!

4. I live in Pennsylvania now. I don’t live there, but my home is in need of so many renovations that I wish I lived there so I could have workmen busy here, while I sort things in Pennsylvania. Sounds so much like Transylvania, I love it!

5. I'm not a wise, old sage. I am. But I don’t want to rub it in your face, stories available upon request only.

6. I don't think that you have to go to an art school to be an artist. I’ve spent years wondering what is “art”. Best description I’ve heard yet is “something that makes someone smile”. Lots of people do that without any school, let alone art school!

7. I'm not religious. My story is much like yours, although I may be religious, depending on who gets to define the word/concept!

8. I don't hate Christi Anderson. I never heard of her, although if hate is the opposite of love, and love is someone you care about greatly, then hate is someone you don’t care about at all, and I don’t care about someone I’ve never heard of, then maybe I do hate her.

9. I don't hate feet. You did promise not to post those photos, same breathe when you promised not to post pictures of people wearing items with words across their butts. I think the feet would be more interesting.

10. I'm not 147 years old as some of my profiles might suggest. Well, darn! And here I was thinking I’d found a contemporary!

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be a smart-ass. lol

AJ said...

#2 amuses the heck out of me. Obviously, you only do what you blog about! I guess there are too many blogs out there where people post about the minute, boring details of their life, so they assume that if you don't post about doing the dishes, you don't do them (obviously, since you're independently wealthy, your maid does them).

Nothing but eating and creating... what a decadent lifestyle!

sandi m said...

Thank you for sharing. As with all things in life you have to stay true to yourself. Who cares what others think? Unfortunately, some grown-ups never get beyond high school antics.
I always enjoy reading your stories...(and drooling over those wonderful dishes.)

Elizabeth said...

Well said, 'nuff said!

Andrew Thornton said...

I usually find it funny to hear the absurdities that arise from being out in the proverbial public eye! Some of the more colorful stories revolve around me being a vampire or being a robot. It's funny how small truths, like me being a night-owl or having oily skin will morph into something completely unexpected.

Lynn said...

Guess I'm not in the right circles -- I want in on the vampire robot stories!

FunkyMonkey Girls said...

You look really good for being 147 years old! Don't ya dislike being the subject of rumors....I try to ignore most of them but you did an awesome and digified way addressing them on your blog.

Funky Monkey Girls,

lorrwill said...

If some of these weren't in response to some obviously less than desirable people with far too much time on their hands, this would all be endearingly funny.

We have number 1 and 7 spot on in common...and I know for a fact that you are younger than I am.

I have had a several very bad art class experiences (some within the past 5 years). Outside of schools, people tell me I'm an artist. Go figure.

I don't think I would be able to sit around and make stuff all day. I am better against deadlines or towards specific goals. Plus I have a utilitarian side that needs to invent and make things work better, not just create beauty. I think unlimited play time would be bad for my muse, not good.

Young Andrew I have to confess, I never gave much thought to your relationship situation. I guess there is a wholeness/completeness vibe that comes through in your writing. Or perhaps I just assume such things to be none-of-my-beeswax and just don't trip about them.

That said, my contraptor wanna be heart is completely jealous about the robot rumors, however! Nobody thinks anything exotic about me (that I know of.)

Oh, when is your book coming out?

jeweledrabbit said...

You mean you're not Superman? I'm totally disappointed to find that out. :( ;)