Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Today was one of those days with a little bit of everything thrown in. Early in the day we cleaned up and I took some pictures of some beads that I'll be uploading to my shop shortly. Afterwards, Meg Reilley (the photographer who shot the photo of Cynthia in the back of Enchanted Adornments) and Alisa of Lucky Design 7 came over to do some family portraits and some headshot photos for the revamped Green Girl Studios website. It was good to see them, though it was required of me to go out into the snow... which was not my favorite thing.

Once Meg and Alisa left, Azalea and I got out our jewelry kits and I made some earrings, that I'll hopefully post in the shop tomorrow. I think they're pretty cool and they definitely have a Steampunk vibe.

Heading into dinner, I finished up some paperwork and some revisions. Guess what we had for dinner? Smorgasbord! We love a smorgasbord! I think it comes from a love of exploring different tastes and textures, not necessarily just filling up. Our smorgasbord included fresh fruit (ginger apples, grapes and strawberries), crustini, coconut shrimp, steak, membrillo, and an assortment of cheeses (Manchego, Edam, Smoked Gouda and Jarlsberg). It was a lovely little feast!

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Margot Potter said...

What fun! Your food always looks so yummy. Have yourself a merry little Christmas and a Swingin' Solstice, Andrew Thornton.