Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Won...

I read on Iviva Olenick's blog that she was participating in an art auction benefiting BECA (Bridge for Emerging Contemporary Art). I placed a bid, not thinking that I would win, and was surprised to read on her blog that I did indeed win! I feel so fortunate to add to my little collection of Iviva's brilliant work. CLICK HERE to find out more about BECA and HERE to visit Iviva's blog and see the latest projects she's working on.


Unknown said...

Wow! Thanks again, Andrew. I thought BECA had contacted you, so I didn't realize this was a surprise!

I really appreciate your ongoing support. It means a lot to me!

Andrew Thornton said...

Having my email address posted publicly, I have a rather fearsome spam blocker on my email account. It seems as though their original message went directly to the spam folder and I didn't recognize the name of the organization right off the back.

I appreciate all that you do and make. You're a treasure!