Thursday, February 01, 2007

Day Three...

Today was spent working at the Manning House at the To Bead True Blue show. I had hardly any time to look around, as I was so busy with customers all day. I did manage to break away to talk with Kelly Russell for a minute or two. She's a wonderful artist who works in PMC and has newly added porcelain components to her work. Kelly has been recently featured in (and on the cover of) Bead Unique.

Left: Kelly Russell, a.ka. the Milk Maid, was taking an important business call about her forth-coming books. She loves her 2%!

Right: A quick picture snapped of the full moon over the lonely desert. It's truly beautiful out here. The landscape is so inspiring.

Left: The fabulous Katie Wall of Fusion Beads takes a picture of me taking a picture of her. Psychological, no?

Right: Greg (my brother-in-law) and my sister Cynthia (his wife) sing the moody bead world blues for us. Though Green Girl Studios, their company, certainly isn't singing the blues. Tony, our host, is in the back by the stove.

Left: Lindsay from Fusion Beads strikes a pose with Baby Lexi. Where's the Baby, you may ask? In her tummy! Can't wait to meet the little one. She'll be born in only ten weeks! I got Lexi a little kimono from Lucky Wang, one of my favorite children's boutique in New York.

Right: A group shot of some of the folks who ended up coming by. The one in the very fashionable scarf is Georgie of Chevron Trading Post. She showed me this little invention that's like a wrack to "fake knit." The woman in the blue and green jacket is Deborah, the owner of Chevron, which is based out of Asheville.

Left: Lisa, of Zoa Art, was showing Deborah the PMC bracelets that her students made in her workshop. These amazing bracelets will later be filled with art and covered in resin. For a full class schedule CLICK HERE.


Anonymous said...

Oh God. I miss all you guys so much!!!!! *wanting to be in Tucson* Do you know if Cynthia is coming out here for the Puget Sound show this summer?

Andrew Thornton said...

Hey Eva,

I wish you were in Tucson as well. It's tons of fun! I don't know if Cynthia will be there for Puget Sound or not. It would probably be best to email her.