Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Metal Clay Component Destash...

It's my nature to hold on to things.  I remember a friend coming over to the studio and looking (with horror in their eyes) at the piles of papers I have accumulated.  They asked, "What are all those for?"  I replied back that one day I intend to collage again and these were supplies for that fateful day.

Needless to say:  I have a lot of stuff.

Fast forward to a few days ago.  One of the girls that helps out at the store was putting something away when there was a minor avalanche.  Beads and pendants started pouring down from the shelves.  And that's when I realized that I needed to make room.  If not actual room... mental room.  The solution comes by way of a destash.  I'll be parting with "wholesale lots" of metal clay components that I used to carry in my personal shop.

We're working on some new designs for Allegory Gallery and I want to get rid of the stuff that we've been holding on to for awhile.  Really, it won't do anyone any good, if I just sit on the pieces for years and years.  I made these pieces to be used and transformed into jewelry.  This goal won't happen if I hoard everything I ever make.  Some of the pieces included in the lots will return in new incarnations on the Allegory Gallery site and some of them will be retired and never made again.  I might even have a mold-breaking party.

So, take a look and see if there's anything you might like.  They're priced at least half off of the original prices.  CLICK HERE to visit the shop and take advantage of the major Destash in progress.

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