Friday, May 27, 2011

Rainy Day Deadlines...

It's been raining here pretty consistently for the past few days. The air smells sweet and loamy. The tight buds of the peonies are about to burst into bloom. The cats lounge near the door, watching the birds flitting in the rain. There's a calm, sedateness that seems to permeate everything.

Of course, I'm on deadline. Which basically means that everything, BUT the studio is calm. The kiln is full, the tumbler is rumbling, and I'm trying to focus on writing instructions and class proposals. Whether or not I get everything done (on time) that needs to be is anyone's guess at this point. I'm hopeful and optimistic though.

I will say that I've got a surprise for Sunday. Actually, six surprises. I'm really excited about them! And on that note... I shall return to work.


gretchen said...

mmmm, a surprise!
hope your weekend is fun along with productive!

Sabine said...

When I saw your photo I was instantly transported back to my garden in Pennsylvania with its glorious ancient peony plants! I am so envious! Enjoy the blooming


Alice said...

Lovely photo Andrew! I'd love to be a fly on the wall of your studio with all that action going on.

Can't wait to see what the surprises are.

Have a lovely weekend!

Simply Smitten said...

Hmmm, surprises are always fun! Best of luck getting it all done on time. I'm sure it'll pull together just when it needs to. After a solid week of clouds and rain I'm glad that the sun has finally decided to make an appearance here in Ct, we needed some sunshine!! :)

jamberry_song said...

Good luck!! At least the rain will mostly keep you from being tempted to spend too much time outdoors. :)