Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Solstice...

The days are full and rich here. I feel as though I'm an instrument, being moved by an unseen hand towards a beautiful new direction. I've finished up several of my deadlines and decided to take today to reflect on the turning of the wheel, the onward momentum of the seasons.

It was nice to sit out on the deck and enjoy the sun and a good book. Tomorrow I'll get back to work, but today (the longest day of the year) I wanted to bask in the beauty of my new home.

This past weekend, we put in the hellebore plot. The above photo makes it look small. But the photo was taken up high on the deck and the circle actually measures about seven feet across and is now home to sixteen plants. Hellebores are also known as Lenten Roses and are unique for their unusual colorings (crimson, jade, apricot and even black) and the fact that they bloom during late fall and early winter. I'd like to add the "cherry blossom" and "golden" varieties if I can track them down at a good price. I eventually want to put in a circle of poppies, another of jack-in-the-pulpit, and another of dahlias (and perhaps one of columbines). Next year I'd also like to put in a rose garden.

I hung the hummingbird feeder. I also weeded the garden (which was made much easier by the black plastic) and planted some spinach seeds. I even got some garden soil around some of the tomato plants. The garden has been calling to me more and more recently. I dream of the things I will plant and how I will better the soil and increase the yield. I feel a certain happiness when I'm digging around in the dirt and see the plants grow and thrive.

I'm not the only one who has been celebrating the summer solstice by basking in the sun. Babette always finds where the sun is shining brightest and stretches out with her little powder puff paws.

It's a happy time here.


moonlitfantaseas said...

I just love Babette, she is just adorable! I envy you your yard and all the space you have to garden in, you are blessed! Happy solstice!

Unknown said...

It makes me rejoice for you such joy and your surroundings sure help so in doing that! Your garden sounds lovely! When you put Roses in put in good roses that never get blackspot or diseases. We buy David Austin Roses. Originating from England they now have a big gardens in Tyler TX and ship all over the US. They arent cheap but are so well worth the monies. But they must be ordered in late winter to very early spring!

jenna@sweetfineday said...

sounds like a lovely day, andrew! enjoy your summer!

Marsha of Marsha Neal Studio said...

Andrew... I LOVE that you have so much room to grow your gardens. Since we are in similar zones, the next time you are planning a trip into my area (Bead Fest Philly in Aug???) you should take a swing (at least a couple of hours) by my place to get some seeds and plants.
I'm always happy to give away plants to people that will love and enjoy them as much as I do... And they all have stories - every one of them!

jennifer said...

babette might just be the best kitten name ever.