Monday, June 21, 2010

Ransom's Family Receipt Book...

ransom family receipt book vintageA few months ago at a flea market, we discovered the Ranom's Family Receipt Book from 1912. It was hidden in a stack of love letters in a spidery hand from the late 1800's. The paper of the receipt book was yellow and crumbling and it showed signs of a botched attempt at preserving the binding, but I was charmed by the recipes and old-timey advertisements. Invoking my Filipino mother, I haggled down the price to a couple of dollars and swooped it up.

I just now got around to scanning it in. Sadly some of the delicate corners did not make it and flaked apart in the process. Luckily though it is now preserved digitally and all may enjoy the article on the medicinal and health benefits of tobacco and the article on treating hemorrhoids and the delightful section on sauces and cakes. CLICK HERE to check out the scans on Flickr.


moonlitfantaseas said...

that is so cool!
Hi Andrew Just wanted to sat thank you once again for the wondeful green girl studio goodies! they arrived today and I just love them!
thanks again,

Anonymous said...

hello andrew,

it's barbara hopkins, the one from your last giveaway,the one you contacted. i just wanted to let you know you got a deal finding your latest find,i looked through your flicker,it's in fab condition... i have been lucky once,i found an old schooler. books they used many yrs.ago for schooling.have fun with it...have you any ideas what you will do with it?
be well.
barbara hopkins at

Angi said...

Awesome find! Thank you for sharing. Angi (