Wednesday, June 09, 2010


It has been raining like crazy here. I was hopeful before I went to bed that the weather would clear up long enough for me to fire the bronze coins that I spent hours pressing out. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate and the firing will have to wait until I return from Milwaukee. I feel bad that we won't have them at the table, but the weather is sadly out of my control.

I am sure that you'll be able to pick them up from Greg or a representative of Green Girl Studios at one of the shows near you or possibly by special request. Bead & Button will be my last show for a long while. (I think the next might be the Tucson shows.) Please stop by and say hello in Milwaukee if you can. It was a hard decision to make. I have had a lot of fun traveling around the country, meeting some really amazing and unforgettable people and sharing the beautiful things that my family creates with the world. It has really been a true honor and a privilege.

It's a little sad realizing that I won't be able to see some of the great friends I've made through my travels and peruse the many treasures available at the bead shows, but I feel right now that it's important for me to focus my energy at home and on some of the aspirations I've been dreaming of. I am lucky to have a family that is supportive of me following my heart and for giving me the opportunity to do the shows in the first place. I have seen so many places and experienced so many things that I wouldn't have had the chance to otherwise. I am also happy that while I was doing the shows this year, it afforded my brother-in-law more solid time to spend with my nephew and niece. When we were kids, our father was busy working to make ends meet and didn't always have too much time for us. Knowing that I helped Max and Azalea to have more time with both of their parents is really a reward in itself.

I cannot beginning to express how grateful and appreciative I am for all of the many customers who came out to show their support of my family. It is such a vibrant creative community filled with some of the most truly beautiful individuals. You all have been patient, generous, loyal, and above all else... kind.

This is not the end... it's just the beginning.


Alice said...

A tough decision to make, but it sounds like the right one for you. And it doesn't have to be permanent. Later you might find you crave the activity and fellowship provided by the shows and start again. That's the wonderful thing about life. We are gifted with a clean slate each and every morning.

Best of luck at the show!

kvk said...

After I make a difficult decision, there usually follows a sort of euphoria, a feeling of lightness and delicious sense of clarity. I hope this is true for you.

If I ever doubt my decision, I go back to this quote from Alan Clements, "If we're lucky, every now and again, we have a decisive encounter - an event that changes the course of our lives, forever.  With logic and comfort thrown to the wind, we set out on a new, more invigorated trajectory, unleashing our passion and vision upon the world.  Such moments are glorious and gorgeous, mysterious and tormenting.  They contort us, bend us - squeeze out every vestige of pretense, compromise, and inauthenticity.  Some call this magic.  Others call it synchronicity.  Some may even call it madness.  It has all those elements, and more." 

Safe travels my friend.
Many blessings - kvk

Janet said...

I think this is a good time for you a time to get away a bit reasess and do what you must right now. This change will bring you closer to yourself, your dreams aspirations and renewed creativity in future. You will come back refreshed and roaring to go again with new form and vigor. When we follow out inner whisperings we become more and more real unto ourselves. There will be many more shows!

Diana P. said...

Well I sure will miss seeing you at BeadFest Philly! If it hadnt been for you I wouldnt have gotten back into blogging. So thank you Andrew.

SummersStudio said...

Have fun at B&B! BTW, I use a dehydrator to dry my bronze pieces. Usually, they are dry in about 20 minutes.

kate mckinnon said...

I love you huge, andrew. see you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Good GOD! Love the coins! I immediately thought about what I could w/them in bead embroidery. Will you have them in your shop?
Many best wishes for you at B&B.

Melissa J. Lee said...

I hope your decision means that your other exciting plans are coming to fruition. I'll look forward to hearing about them when you reach the point that you can share!

HappyDayArt! said...

I agree not the end, but it feels scary and sad sometimes when things have to change. I love my copprclay bird that you gave me at B.A.B.E. I can hardly wait to see some of those pieces. Maybe I'll get lucky.


Pretty Things said...

Those new pieces look great!

I understand the need to step back. This year was a huge year of stepping back for me, and while I still have mixed feelings about it, ultimately it was the best thing for me to do.

I'm just so glad I got to meet you in PA!