Thursday, January 22, 2009

Whisper House...

It's been over a decade since Duncan Sheik first debuted with his self-titled album in 1996. I'm fairly certain that I wasn't the only one who had Barely Breathing stuck in their head for the next year. Evidence of this can be found at the top of many music charts as the most played song of 1997 and a Grammy nomination in 1998 for his efforts.

My admiration and appreciation for his music didn't end there. I followed his career over the next four albums and even saw about half a dozen of his shows during his last tour for White Limousine.

His latest endeavour, Whisper House, is slated for release on January 27th, 2009. Duncan Sheik teams up with Holly Brook in this 10 song album. He uses narrative driven lyrics to tell the story (from different ghosts' perspectives) of the lives lived in a WWII-era lighthouse in Maine.

Unfortunatley, I'll still be out of town, but the CD release show will take place at The Bell House in Brooklyn on January 26th, 2009 at 8PM. Check it out if you're around!


Round Rabbit said...

LOVE Duncan Sheik! Love him!

Andrew Thornton said...

Me too! I wish that I could go to the CD release concert, but I'll be getting ready to head out to Tucson.

The thing that I really loved about the shows I went to while he was doing the White Limousine tour is that all the venues were really quaint and intimate and you felt as though he and his band were performing just for you.

Though, since they were smaller venues, maybe about 20 or so people in some, it might have seemed a bit weird, like kind of stalkerish. But I had extra money from selling a lot of paintings and I thought I'd treat myself. Ha ha ha.