Thursday, January 29, 2009

Use the Muse Contest...

You might recognize The Bead Maven (a.k.a. Scarlett Lanson, Contributing Editor to Beadwork Magazine) as a Create-Your-Style Swarovski Contest winner and a finalist in KGI Worldwide Design Competition. Familiar with the contest scene, she has just announced a new contest of her very own called, The Use the Muse Contest. CLICK HERE to get more information and find out how to enter and win!


Anonymous said...

Andrew, thank you SO MUCH for helping me spread the word about my USE THE MUSE Contest. You are awesome! Can't wait to meet you in Tucson!

Andrew Thornton said...

Hey Scarlett,

It was so nice to meet you in Tucson. I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to talk more. Busy, busy, busy!

I'll make sure to get one of your packets to enter the contest.

Anonymous said...


I'm so glad you have time to participate! I wish I had had it all together at the show to be able to give you a kit there, I was just all over the place and didn't get it coordinated quite how I would have liked.

That whole week in Tucson flies by so quick it's difficult to truly connect with anyone. I am hoping that next year I will have even more time to go to the shows and just relax...

By the way, your kit is already in the mail! I had had one set aside for you and am really happy you ended up joining in. I hope you enjoy it and can draw inspiration from the "MUSE".

~Beads, Bliss, and Blessings~

Andrew Thornton said...

Hey Scarlett,

I was worried that I wouldn't get back in time to order the packet. Luckily I got back with enough time to hopefully work on your contest before I head out for Hawaii for a trade show and begin a new freelance job tech editing my sister's book.

I'm sorry that we didn't get a chance to chat more in Tucson as well. But yes, there totally isn't enough time to do that and see everything. I also apologize if I was a bit out of it when you dropped by the show. I was really tired and pretty much wore out. Not to mention we had a bit of drama at the show earlier that day. Oh well.

Well, I do hope that we are able to touch bases later on and in a more relaxed fashion. It'd be interesting to walk a show with you and get your perspective on what's going on. It's always interesting to see what people gravitate towards or think is cool or what trends they spot.

I'm looking forward to getting the kit and working with the materials. It seems like a fun project.

Thanks again. I hope you're doing well and recovering nicely after such an exhausting trip. OH! Say hello to your mom. She's really a beauty and so nice!