Friday, January 09, 2009

Margot Potter: The Impatient Crafter...

Known by many names, The Impatient Beader, The Impatient Blogger, The Impatient Crafter, The Sparktastic Fantastic Queen herself, Margot Potter, is looking to fill her Swarovski class in Tucson and at CHA.  Why not treat yourself to a class with this recognized author and crafter?  She's truly one of the most entertaining people I know and she'll be giving out lots of free swag in her classes.  CLICK HERE to find out more.  So, do yourself a favor – take a class with Margot.  She'll treat you right.


Margot Potter said...

My Dear Andrew

I can not thank you enough for your kind words! You're amazing! Oh and you know, I love skulls. I have a collection of skull favorite are carved bone monkey skeletons that climb up the wire or head pin.

"In order to make a beginning, there must be an ending. The end is where we start from." T. S. Elliot


Andrew Thornton said...

Margot Potter rocks!