Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Memphis, TN...

We've been driving all day, enjoying a bounty of beef jerky and the Sookie Stackhouse books on tape. Tonight we stopped in Memphis, TN to stay the night with Greg's brother, Mike and his wife Stacey. They are so incredibly nice and I've had the most delightful time catching up with them. They really do have a beautiful home in a very hip part of Memphis, filled with cute little art galleries, coffeeshops, and gift stores. Tonight we had Indian food and I enjoyed Stacey's stories about her work at St. Jude's Hospital. She's doing amazing work and I am so proud to know someone who is really making a difference and is actually on the hunt for the cure for cancer. If you can do it, please take a moment to donate what you can to the cause. No matter what the financial circumstances of a child with cancer is, they won't turn anyone away and will treat them free of charge. It costs roughly a million dollars A DAY to operate this shining example of what a hospital should be. CLICK HERE to donate.

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