Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Out of the years that I've lived in Asheville off and on, I can't recall a time when it snowed and it stuck this much. Normally, it melts before it touches the ground or melts by the next day. These past few days, the gentle flurries and dustings of snow have stuck. Usually I detest the snow and see it as a huge hindrance to getting around and doing stuff. However, this snow has been very beautiful and playing with Azalea out in the snow has been a lot of fun. Above is a picture of the faerie fort they made out in the backyard covered in a light powdering.

I think it's important to remember our little airborne friends when it's cold like this. They spend so much time eating and trying to collect food for energy to fly. I like the idea of creating a safe place for them to find a little food safely and without worrying about too many predators. Not to mention that it's a lot of fun to watch them up close. I'm partial to house sparrows, chickadees, and finches. The above picture on the left is a picture of some feathered friends enjoying a feast of seeds. To the right is a picture of a piece of lawn sculpture. I do believe that I've captured this face in many different conditions and in all of the different seasons. It's interesting to see it in its many guises.

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