Sunday, February 11, 2007

Libra Rules the Kidneys...

Only a few people, I think, know that I'm into astrology. I read my horoscope weekly, and use the stars as best I can to navigate around potential obstacles. It's just one of those things that has always helped me.

Calla and I went out after work to our new hangout spot, The Fat Black Pussy Cat. When we finished our weekly cathartic diatribes, we went over to the Kingdom with our newly-found friends, Cecelia and Beth.

Normally I only get tattoos to mark special occasions. It's sort of my way of creating a living history that marks monumental happenings in my life. But lately I've been feeling as though I'm in transition. It's like spinning wildly around in dizzy circles, everything becomes blurred together and the distinctions meld together. Important things lose their definitions and disappear into the mundane. So I decided to find a point to fix on.

According to western astrology, the sun sign of Libra rules the kidneys and the lower back. So, I got two small tattoos of stars marking my kidneys. Here are some pictures:

Left: Here is the artist finishing up inking the first star. It didn't hurt at all!

Right: A little red and a little raw, here's the finished product.

Left: Calla takes a picture in the mirror of me getting bandaged up.

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