Tuesday, February 13, 2007

All Mixed Up...

Tonight was the opening for the group show I'm currently in at the Visual Arts Gallery, entitled: All Mixed Up. It's apart of the Tomorrow's Artists Today series. The show will be up until February 24th.

Right: I ran into Lauren, one of my former co-workers. It was funny because she was wearing a necklace that I had made for her. The necklace, with a few modifications, will be featured in an up-coming issue of Stringing.

Left (above): The amazing Emilia DeVitis poses with her portrait covered in hands. Right (above): Karina Contreras stands with her painting about light and form.

Even though I had been a secret admirer of Emilia's work, I don't think I would have started talking with her if it weren't for one of her critiques, where she was being maliciously and wrongly attacked. I believe in her work and wouldn't stand for her being treated so poorly. I'm glad that we were able to start up a dialogue from what was a pretty negative experience. I've known Kar for ages now it seems and I've always loved her sensual and well-crafted paintings. We both took time off from SVA and some how found our way back to the same class.

Right: Naho Taruishi peers into her video installation in one of the secondary Project Rooms. Naho creates very psychadelic and beautiful videos made from compiling individual stills; she then presents the videos by making viewing aperatures that are mounted to the wall.

I took the above image right before the show closed of my piece installed in the space. It's funny, because just as I had finished taking the image a woman (who obviously didn't know who I was) came up to me and said, "The artist has requested that there be no photographs of the work." I smiled and said, "Oh, really? I didn't know I requested that I couldn't take a picture of my own work." The woman apologized and I just laughed at how funny people can be. I think she thought that I was taking pictures of her daughter's sculptures (not shown) to the left of my collage.

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