Thursday, January 18, 2007


Many people say that the first day of Winter is the Winter Solstice on or around December 21st, and for all intensive purposes, they would be right. I, however, have a different take on what winter means, especially after having lived in New York for a few years now.

For me, the first day of winter is the first real snow. It's when the snow falls and it lands on your jacket and it sticks there for a few minutes before it melts away and leaves a dark wet spot.

Today it snowed and the snow stuck to my jacket.

I think that when it snows for the first time and the flurries are coming down, it's truly magical. Before the crowded streets of New York transform the crystaline whiteness into puddles of semi-frozen sludge, there is an intense beauty that is almost primal and basic in its simplicity.

So, today, for me, it is finally winter.


Cynthia Thornton said...

yo. winter is bad times all around. We should go to italy as a family, shopping, museum hopping, and sight seeing with little Azalea charming everyone! kidding! How about a family cruise to cancun?

Andrew Thornton said...

It snowed some more earlier this morning. Ugh. The wind is so cold. What happened to the lovely global warming that made it seem like a balmy spring day?

That would be awesome to meet up with you guys in Italy! I've always wanted to go.

Speaking of Mexico. After Italy, I might be in a residency program there for about a month. Depends if I get in.